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supportfor foreignersin Romania

supportfor foreignersin Romania

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Services for Romanian citizens living abroad

We are available to obtain for you the documents you need from Romania.

We deliver worldwide legalized and apostilled documents.

You can call us anytime at +40.722.327.558 and we will help you to obtain the documents you need in Romania.

You can also send us an e-mail at and we will reply to you in the shortest time.

Alternative contact methods:

Viber, Whatsapp: +40.722.327.558

To obtain the documents that you need, in addition to translations, legalization, apostille, Consular legalization of documents, we are able to provide you representation services, when needed, based on a power-of-attorney, at various institutions in Romania.

When needed and, of course, when possible, we can be your representative, based on a power-of-attorney, authenticated either by the Romanian Consulate or by a notary public in the country where you live (we request a power-of-attorney only this is absolutely necessary).

We can receive and deliver your orders by post, by national and international courier (DHL, FedEx, UPS, DPD, etc.) or by Atlassib. We conclude and sign a delivery-receipt report for your documents. They are permanently kept safe.

When your requests are urgent, please be assured that we strive to fulfill the necessary formalities as soon as possible, of course, within the working hours of the competent institutions.

Below you may find a list of services that we can provide to you with professionalism. We can represent you to obtain other documents in Romania, as needed.

CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS – translation of documents in the language requested by you, made by a sworn translator, licensed by the Romanian Ministry of Justice.

NOTARIZATION OF THE TRANSLATION – legalization of the authorized translator’s signature by a Notary Public in Romania
APOSTILLE (applicable for those countries signatories to the Hague Convention) - by the Prefect’s Institution, Chamber of Notaries Public, Tribunal

CONSULAR LEGALIZATION (applicable for those countries that are NOT signatories to the Hague Convention) by the Chamber of Notaries Public, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consulates, Ministry of Justice

Note: if it is needed an Apostille affixed on the original documents, the civil status documents (certificate of birth, certificate of marriage, death certificate) issued before 1998 must be replaced with new ones. The change will be made at the register offices that issue the old ones.

CHANGE of birth certificates/marriage certificate/ death certificate (with the new forms available from 01.01.1998). Such change is made at the Register office of the place where the holder has his/her last domicile in Romania.

RECORDING OF CIVIL REGISTRY DOCUMENTS (registration of civil status documents in the Romanian Vital Records, followed by the delivery of a Romanian civil status document): birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate. Such transcription of documents is made at the registry office where the holder had his/her last domicile in Romania. If the holder had no domicile in Romania, the transcription is made by the City of Bucharest, District 1.

CORRECTIONS of civil status documents - birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate. The correction procedure is made by Public Community Service of Personal Records having in its archives the civil status document or by the Public Community Service of Personal Records where the holder has his/her domicile in Romania.

CERTIFICATE OF EQUIVALENCE (DICHIARAZIONE DI VALORE): The Certificate of Equivalence is issued by the Consular Office of the Embassy of ITALY only for final study documents in order to continue studies in Italian educational institutions, for admission to undergraduate and post-graduate courses in Italy and for initiating in Italy the proceedings of equivalence of the diplomas obtained in Romania.

MARRIAGE OF a FOREIGN CITIZEN WITH a ROMANIAN CITIZEN concluded abroad Documents necessary from Romania:
Certificate of citizenship and residence and Certificate of birth, both bearing an Apostille, if the marriage takes place in a country signatory to the Hague Convention (for example, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium etc.)

If the marriage takes place in a country that is NOT signatory to the Hague Convention (for example Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc.) the above documents (Certificate of citizenship and residence and Certificate of birth) shall be translated in the language of the country of destination, legalized by the Notary Public, super-legalized by the Chamber of Notaries Public and by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and finally by the Consular Office of the country of destination.

Obtaining Documents from Romanian institutions (Service provided based on a Power-of-Attorney)

Civil Status Documents: birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate

Excerpt of the civil status documents (birth, marriage, death)

Certificate/Proof of celibacy – necessary for the Romanian citizens who wish to enter into a marriage abroad Certificate attesting the person’s residence and citizenship or the legal status towards the Romanian State

Baptismal certificate, Certificate of Holy Matrimony

Certified copies of civil decisions in the Courts’ archive, copies from the archives of Notary Public offices, etc. (divorce decrees, partition by Court, custody of the child, etc.)

Divorce certificates (obtained through administrative channels)

Study documents (certificates, diplomas, etc.) from various education institutions in Romania (schools, high schools, universities etc.). Based on a power-of-attorney, we can handle all the formalities required to obtain and to safely deliver to you such documents.

Documents attesting the qualification in a profession: the professional training obtained in a system of vocational training for adults

Certificate of Graduation, Certificate of Professional Qualification

Certificate of Professional Competence

Certificate of Compliance attesting the professional experience – Certificates, Recommendations necessary for the validation of the qualification titles acquired in Romania in medical professions

Documents in the medical field (practice license, certificate of good standing, recommendations, medical certificates, certificates of training and specialization probationary stage, practicum certificates, epidemiologic notice, etc.)

Certificate of membership (Order of Nurses and Midwives in Romania)

Certificate of membership (basic medical doctor education, consultant) – issued by the Romanian College of Physicians

Certificate of membership, Certificate of Good Standing (Pharmacist and Senior Pharmacist) – issued by the Romanian

College of Pharmacists

Certificates issued to the persons who have attended basic training for nurses / ambulance personnel

Certificate of Red Cross Nurse – issued by the local branches of the Romanian National Red Cross Society

Certificate of Criminal Record – issued by the competent Criminal Record Service Driving Record – issued by the Romanian Traffic Police

Certificate of professional competence in the field of road transportation

Certificate of Qualification for security guards

Certificate of Vocational Proficiency – for specialists activating in the field of construction works

Tax Residence Certificate – issued by the competent Romanian tax authority

Tax Offence Record – from the competent Romanian tax authority

Real Estate Register Excerpts – from the competent Land Registry Office

Certificate of Insured Person from the Health Insurance Fund – attesting the status of the Romanian person – of insured or not-insured

Documents from the Trade Register (confirmation of company details, certified copies, etc. for natural persons and legal entities, from the Romanian Trade Register Office)

Using our services, you will not need to come to Romania to make all the required formalities and will not have to ask for help from your relatives or friends. We will take care of all the aspects, including delivery of documents to you, in the agreed manner. We will require a notarized power-of-attorney only when this is absolutely necessary.

We are ready to help you, irrespective of the country where you are, so please contact us to discuss your specific needs, to get an estimate of time and a price quotation.

We are flexible in terms of payment methods, it can be made by bank transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram, Atlassib, etc., always trying to find the most advantageous solution for you. Payment is made based on the invoice we send to you.
Over time, we have developed a transparent and efficient working procedure, so that we can permanently inform you (via e-mail, SMS, phone, etc.) regarding the status of the formalities undertaken by us.

We assure you of our best attention and services at all times and guarantee a safe delivery of your documents, worldwide!